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Appellate & Complex Litigation

Our Appellate and Complex Litigation team provides a comprehensive array of trial and appellate expertise to enable successful outcomes at any stage of litigation – or even before a lawsuit is filed.

Our team assists lawyers and clients by developing creative options that take account of the big picture and the fine details involved in every case.

We are regularly called upon to prepare motions to dismiss, motions to strike or limit expert testimony, writ petitions, motions for summary judgment, jury instructions and post-judgment motions. In addition, we cover all aspects of the appellate process, including preparation of the notice of appeal, the record on appeal and the appellate briefs, as well as oral argument. We also handle interlocutory (pre-trial) appeals and prepare amicus (friend of the court) briefs.

In appropriate cases such as high-stakes or “bet the company” litigation, we assist the lead trial lawyer as “appellate counsel in residence,” helping to protect the record before, during and after trial.

Appellate & Complex Litigation Team

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