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Client Successes

Defending Integrity

Our client was presented with a breach of warranty lawsuit related to a vehicle based on the owner’s subjective complaints of excessive wind noise. Our client’s dealers inspected the vehicle and confirmed it met all specifications; therefore, our client took a principled approach to defend the integrity of its product. This aggressive approach was important to establish a precedent for future lemon law claims.

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Defending With Science

Our client was blamed for causing permanent eye injuries to a conductor of a railroad locomotive after an I-beam struck the windshield of the locomotive, allegedly causing glass to fly into his eyes. The plaintiff was seen by multiple eye doctors over the course of five years, most of whom could not link the plaintiff’s symptoms to the train accident.

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Firsthand Knowledge

Hospitals and healthcare providers in the Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois region are being presented with increasingly complicated medical negligence suits involving complex medical issues. The complexity of these lawsuits is further compounded by difficulties encountered navigating and interpreting the electronic medical record (EMR).

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Resolution Without Trial

Our firm’s client is a financial institution that made a loan to an individual to buy a house. The borrower alleged that the financial institution misstated certain information in violation of Federal regulations. The records show that there were, infact, technical errors made in disclosures to the borrower.

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