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We leverage our unparalleled industry experience to gain a competitive advantage.

Our Industries


The practice of defending attacks on accountants is diverse and brings corresponding challenges. Our attorneys are equipped with the knowledge to understand our clients’ business needs and get the results they desire. Our advantage is that our firm has a number of attorneys who are trained CPAs and hold advanced accounting degrees. 

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We know and understand the business of our automotive and component manufacturing clients and the industry itself.

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Brokers / Dealers & Financial Advisors

Our team regularly represents broker/dealers, investment advisory firms, registered representatives and investors in arbitration and mediation before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and in state and federal court litigation.

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Our broad range of practice groups, industries and services provides our attorneys with the experience and expertise to help clients navigate their way through a variety of issues cannabis cultivators, suppliers and distributors face in this emerging and highly regulated industry. 

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Construction & Development

We represent subcontractors, specialty contractors, suppliers, owners, developers, design professionals, general contractors, sureties and trade associations. Our initial goal is conflict avoidance. When conflicts arise we are adept and skillful at negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals.

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Consumer Products

Our lawyers regularly represent designers, manufacturers and distributors of consumer products such as household appliances, lawn mowers, power tools, consumer electronic devices, and countless products with histories of asbestos components.

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Dental Law

Sandberg Phoenix attorneys are uniquely positioned to represent dental professionals as they buy, build, grow, and sell their business.

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Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

We defend product liability and tort lawsuits involving drugs and pharmaceuticals which include national and regional litigation, multidistrict proceedings and mass torts claims.

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We have broad experience in every important area of education law, including collective bargaining and labor relations, teacher tenure, student rights and responsibilities, open meetings and records, policy and governance development, student discrimination claims and general educational issues.

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Energy & Natural Resources

Our energy and natural resources practice is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of legal professionals equipped to handle the complex requirements of utilities and companies operating in the energy, public water supply, telephone and sewer industries.

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Entrepreneurs, Closely Held & Family Owned Business

Our team is tailored to meet the needs of closely held and family owned businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises and the entrepreneurs that manage these enterprises. Our attorneys assist small businesses and startups from daily operational needs to long-term strategic goals. We adapt to our clients’ needs as their business grows.

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Government clients often require non-traditional results and that is what our team specializes in. Our team is staffed by attorneys with public sector backgrounds who understand first-hand the policy making process and the associated politics and have the demonstrated capacity to deliver results working with all political parties.

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Heavy Machinery

Our attorneys defend a wide array of heavy industrial equipment, from forklifts, boom trucks and cranes, to specialized extruders, pressure vessels, conveyors and their component parts. We know how these machines operate, their safety requirements and maintenance needs.

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Homeowners’ & Condo Associations

Managing a common interest association is fraught with the potential for complicated legal issues that transcend many different areas of law. Our attorneys assist trustees, boards of directors, and management company representatives in meeting the legal needs of their constituent communities by advising on drafting and amending governing documents (indentures), real estate issues, employment matters, covenant interpretation and enforcement, condemnation/eminent domain, tax matters, collecting assessments and general governance.

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Hospitality & Restaurants

The hospitality industry is an intensely competitive landscape with unique and challenging legal issues that require a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources to successfully navigate. We cover businesses from restaurants, bars, spas, golf courses and country clubs to travel agencies, hotels, resorts and convention centers. Our lawyers understand the factors impacting our clients, and many have previously served as employees of hospitality industry companies. 

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We have defended over 5,000 medical malpractice claims, including cases involving major academic medical centers, multi-hospital medical systems, and community hospitals, including almost all of the hospitals in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan area. Members of our team have recognized expertise in obstetric and pediatric claims, cardiopulmonary complications, anesthesia and surgical emergencies, neurological events and psychiatric care. 

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Hunting & Sporting Goods

Hunting and sporting goods present a number of serious safety risks that make manufacturers of these products susceptible to litigation. We have defended a number of these manufacturers in product liability lawsuits involving firearms, hunting stands and exercise equipment.

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Insurance Agents & Brokers

Our experienced attorneys are often retained by insurance companies to represent the interests of insurance agents and brokers. The professional reputations of insurance agents and brokers are frequently placed at risk by former clients who regret the well-informed decisions they made with regard to limits and coverages. 

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Insurance Litigation

Our team represents insures in coverage and bad faith litigation when they require experience and expertise in courts in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. We defend insurers in class actions attacking coverage and claims handling, and in claims seeking bad faith or extra contractual damages. 

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Insurance Transactions & Regulatory Law

The Insurance Transactions and Regulatory Law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix understand the insurance industry and know our clients’ business. Our dedicated and experienced insurance lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the industry and deploy cross-disciplinary experience to facilitate transactions, meet regulatory challenges and create solutions to maximize business in the industry.

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Lawyers & Law Firms

When attorneys and law firms find themselves in need of legal representation in connection with claims of malpractice or allegations of ethics violations they turn to our firm. Our experienced team of attorneys counsel and defend the interests of litigation and transactional attorneys.

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Long-term Care & Senior Living

One of the most highly regulated in the country, the long-term care and senior living industry faces many challenges and requires skilled, knowledgeable and experienced legal representation. Our attorneys understand not only the federal and state regulations that govern our clients’ companies, but the business environment and complex health concepts that caregivers work with every day.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

We form long-term relationships with our product manufacturer and distributor clients. Our clients look to us to know their businesses, anticipate their needs, recommend practical solutions and provide measurable value to their bottom line in both transactional and litigation matters.

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Medical Devices

Our clients look to us for our experience and understanding of their needs to litigate, arbitrate, mediate and appeal product liability disputes and to provide counseling and guidance in everyday regulatory affairs and risk management.

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Mining & Mineral Rights

We advise our mining clients and litigate on issues about severed mineral rights, mineral royalties and associated rights. We also represent manufacturers and users of mining equipment in product liability cases involving excavators, bulldozers, drills, lifts, shovels and cranes.

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Minority & Women-Owned Businesses

Our business enterprises team offers a full range of legal services for clients dealing with or seeking federal, state and local contracts. These services include assistance in optimizing our clients’ minority, women, disadvantaged or veteran-owned business enterprise certification.

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Mortgage Providers & Services

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of mortgage servicing related matters. Our practice includes judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, title claims and title litigation, forbearance agreements, unlawful detainers (evictions), REO closings and mortgage related litigation. Bankruptcy services include motions for relief from stay, objections to confirmation, proofs of claims and adversary proceedings. 

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Nonprofits & Foundations

Our attorneys are committed to civic involvement and have represented a significant number of charitable organizations and foundations. Our attorneys draft articles, bylaws, operating agreements and other formation documents that are best suited to the particular needs of your nonprofit organization.

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Physicians & Allied Health Professionals

Our expert attorneys represent physicians and other health care professionals in all phases of their practice, including the defense of physicians, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists and other allied health professionals who have been sued for malpractice, as well as before administrative and regulatory bodies.

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Real Estate

Our team spans the real estate industry, from debt and equity analysis, development of simple and complex projects and capital management, to corporate real estate services and landlord and tenant services.

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Recreational Products

Recreational products carry significant risks for manufactures and distributors due to their applications and the manner in which they are operated by users.

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As restaurant companies become larger and their business practices more complex, they face legal challenges similar to any large-scale business enterprise. Issues that our restaurant clients regularly face include raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, complicated financings and sale/leaseback transactions. Often, restaurants also need legal guidance in real estate, contract, regulatory, intellectual property and labor and employment matters.

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Tobacco & Nicotine Alternatives

The Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) industry has earned a reputation for innovation and for providing millions of users with alternatives to products containing tobacco and nicotine. These innovative products have helped people around the world quit using combustible tobacco products and avoid the health risks often associated with their use.

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Our practices are founded on a thorough understanding of our trucking and transportation clients’ businesses, as well the complex regulatory structure that governs the industry. We defend commercial transportation litigation matters for clients in the trucking industry and represent international transportation and logistics companies and small local businesses in dealing with all aspects of transportation litigation, including catastrophic personal injury and property damage claims.

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Video Gaming

Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in the video gaming industry, including lottery retailers, fraternal organizations, veterans organizations, truck stops, retail establishments (licensed to sell liquor), and video lottery gaming manufacturers, distributors, operators and handlers.

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Wholesale & Retail Services

Our team helps retail clients conduct business transactions, resolve disputes and navigate government regulation so they can grow and prosper. We provide services to our clients who are seeking capital, are restructuring, dealing with workforce issues, tax planning or resolving a dispute.

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