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Senate Bill 75 and its Impact of Illinois Employers

In July 2019, Illinois Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 75 in to law, with the majority of its requirements effective January 1, 2020. The bill addresses gender violence accommodations, union representation of members with a conflict of interest in sexual harassment allegations, non-disparagement and non-disclosure provisions in separation agreements, and extension of sexual harassment prohibitions to contract workers and consultants. However, the widest-sweeping change affected by SB75 is the new requirement that every Illinois employer must have annual sexual harassment training. While the bill requires the Illinois Department of Human Rights to make a sexual harassment training program available for employers (with a separate program specifically for restaurants and bars), employers are free to provide policy-specific training that incorporates education as to their own policies, while also meeting the minimum requirements of the statute.

The Employment Law Team of Sandberg Phoenix specializes in employee handbook drafting, including the drafting of sexual harassment policies that meet the requirements of SB75 while also addressing the specific and unique needs of the company. The Team also specializes in providing informative and engaging training for its Illinois clients and their employees as to the prevention, reporting and investigation of sexual harassment claims.

For more information on how your company can obtain a review of your policies and training that meets the new legal requirements, please contact a member of our Employment Law Team.

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