Jason Schmidt

Attorney in Clayton, MO

Jason Schmidt is a business and community association attorney who specializes in helping his clients protect and exploit their intellectual property, capitalize on their assets, and enforce their rights to collect.

He provides guidance to condominium and HOAs regarding the complex and nuanced field of association law, be this in the area of managing their governing documents, budgets, construction and maintenance requirements, or disputes among owners. He also has been successful in helping associations collect necessary revenues owed to them. He has worked extensively with a significant portion of the more than 5,000 homeowners and condominium associations and boards of directors in the state of Missouri.

On the intellectual property front, experienced at both prosecution and acquisition as well as litigation and enforcement, he can help you acquire, defend, or monetize your IP. He also has extensive experience evaluating and expanding domestic and international intellectual property portfolios, and defending his clients’ assets and their rights in court.

He has focused his practice on helping inventors and small businesses maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace by enforcing intellectual property rights against companies that infringe those rights. He also assists associations, condominiums, and businesses in increasing brand awareness by acquiring and adding value to their trademarks, helps them protect their creations through copyright enforcement, and builds and polices their brands, reputations, and market presence.


Intellectual Property Litigation


Homeowners’ & Condo Associations