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In today’s uber-technological society innovation and patents have become an extremely important and valuable personal and corporate asset. Moreover, it has become critically important to develop and implement sound strategies to help inventors and owners protect and leverage these intellectual property (IP) assets.

The patent attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix have the experience, education, expertise and talent to personalize and manage innovative and practical patent strategies to assist all our clients secure their inventions and maximize their value. 

Sandberg Phoenix assists IP clients of all types and sizes to include independent inventors with one or two innovative ideas, corporate clients with large and complex patent portfolios, Universities with vibrant technology advancement departments, and technology incubators aggressively pursuing innovative technologies and ideas. 

Our select team of patent attorneys includes members having a broad range of advanced technical and scientific education, practical experience and backgrounds. This allows our team to assist clients develop and procure patents dealing with a comprehensive range of technologies such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electrical-mechanical arts, computer science and software, medical-mechanical arts, chemical engineering, biotechnology, life sciences, aerospace design and more.   

We represent clients across the United States and around the globe. Our team prioritizes personalized attention to our clients with a focus on responsiveness, efficiency and creative thinking. We are a Midwest firm which allows us to provide top shelf attorneys, service and work product at a Midwest price point.

Our team also includes highly skilled trail attorneys with extensive experience in IP litigation, and that are well versed at handling United States Patent and Trademark Office post-grant proceedings such as inter partes reviews and post grant reviews.