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Copyrights & Copyright Litigation

Our attorneys offer diligent and comprehensive legal advice and representation in state and federal trademark and copyright litigation for individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and established entities.

As business continues to change and move on-line, copyright protection has become more valuable and important to a business. Copyright protects more than just songs, books, photographs and other traditional artistic output. Copyright also provides for worldwide intellectual property that can be used to combat counterfeiters, resellers, gray market importers and other unfair competition.

The attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix have experience with registering copyrights, both traditional copyrights and copyrights for the purpose of brand protection. The attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix also use copyright to help companies protect their business against counterfeiters, resellers, gray market importers, and other unfair competition through the use of cease and desist letters, engagement with on-line market places, federal lawsuits and other enforcement of copyrights.

Our IP attorneys work with our clients to protect their original works of authorship from unauthorized copying. We have managed a full range of copyright matters, including but not limited to protecting:

  • Architectural plans
  • Computer hardware and software programming code
  • Mask works (computer chips)
  • Ornamental products, such as jewelry, lamps, etc.
  • Sound recordings
  • Videos and movies
  • Visual works such as photos, drawings, sculptures and paintings
  • Written works such as books, manuscripts, poetry, sheet music, reports, manuals, product schematics and plans, maps, etc.
  • Our copyright practice is divided into three primary areas registering copyrights, licensing and prosecuting and defending copyright suits in the courts.


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