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LienBuilder Wins Missouri Lawyers Media Award

Early this year, Shareholder Quinn Murphy and Counsels Sue Schultz and Carl Lothman came up with the idea of an application that would streamline the complex and confusing processes associated with Mechanic’s Liens. With the full support of the firm, Quinn, Sue and Carl joined forces with a software development firm to develop that application. Now operational and branded as LienBuilder, the application has been named as one of the state’s top legal industry innovations by Missouri Lawyers Media, and will be recognized as such during the Top Legal Innovations 2018 Award event December 5th in Kansas City.

LienBuilder is a new, artificial intelligence-powered application developed by Sandberg Phoenix allowing firm attorneys to prepare and file Mechanic’s Liens for firm clients in all 50 states, all for one fixed fee, regardless of state or value of the lien. Clients using LienBuilder scan in contract documents, input basic information about the lien and submit everything to the firm using a smart phone, tablet or desktop workstation. Once information is submitted, liens are reviewed, prepared and filed by a firm attorney. The efficiencies brought about by LienBuilder ensure no filing or other necessary dates are missed, which can result in the loss of a lien, and lost opportunity to recover payment for the client. It is simply an incredibly efficient tool that enables firm attorneys to cut lien filing costs by half and offer the service to clients at a fixed rate. And the soon-to-be released second version of the tool will work with the contractor’s accounting software to allow contractors to set parameters on what AR amount for which they want to automatically file liens. In addition to monetary savings, this will save significant time for the firm’s contractor clients as well.

Clients interested in using LienBuilder may contact the Construction team through at 844.383.8632 or through email at Clients will then be sent a link to the LienBuilder private portal for their respective company, that will allow them to use the software to submit the information/documentation we need to file their lien.

CLICK HERE to view a short video on LienBuilder and its capabilities.

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