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Nursing Homes Need Help

One of the hardest hit industries during this COVID-19 pandemic is the nursing home industry. Nursing homes are doing the very best they can to prevent their residents and employees from getting this, in some instances, deadly corona virus. The Chief Medical Officer for the American Health Care Association has stated nursing homes are doing everything they can with the resources they have been given to slow the spread of the virus. As we keep hearing from the media, many health care providers do not have enough personal protective equipment and healthy employees to fight this pandemic. Nursing homes are included in this mix.

Even though facilities moved quickly to restrict visitors last month, the deadly virus is still spreading in the nation’s facilities. We should encourage priority testing for nursing home staff and residents to try to prevent the spread of this virus to the most vulnerable population. Nursing homes also need protective gear for its employees for the protection of everyone. The unfortunate cause of the virus spreading in long term care facilities is not the fault of the employees, but rather is caused by the nature of this virus and the vulnerable population at risk. Please encourage your State and local health department to ensure long term care facilities obtain the proper supplies and testing needed to help prevent the spread of this deadly virus in our nation’s nursing homes. Hopefully we will begin to flatten the curve, but in the meantime, if you have the means to help and are able, we thank you.

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