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Beware of Trademark Scams

If you filed an application to register a trademark, there is a good chance that you received an email or letter from a company, such as WTP, which offers to publish your trademark application for a fee.  WTP offers this “service” for $1420.00.  This is a SCAM.  Your trademark application will be published once it has been approved by the examiner.  Further, it is publicly available on-line at the US Trademark Office’s website within a week or so after your filing of the application.  The only effect you will get from paying this fee is that you will be out $1420.  The WTP service provides you no benefit.

The only correspondence you receive regarding your trademark application should be from your attorney (or from the US Trademark Office is you filed your trademark application yourself). 

Please note that there are similar scams regarding declarations of continued use (which need to be filed by the 6th anniversary of your registration) and renewals which are due every 10 years after grant of your registration. 

If you get a letter regarding your registration that looks odd - it may be. For questions about trademark scams, reach out to one of the intellectual property attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix.

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