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Federal Case in St. Louis Over Alleged Transgender Discrimination Settles

We previously covered a federal court case here in St. Louis, Missouri where a plaintiff alleged a local hospital had unlawfully discriminated against her due to her transgender son.  As discussed in our blog article, the plaintiff alleged her denial of insurance coverage was unlawful under Title VII and the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) because it denied her son treatment for gender dysphoria.

Early in the lawsuit, the District Court dismissed the Title VII claims, following Eighth Circuit precedent, but it left open the possibility the plaintiff could still prevail on her ACA discrimination claims.  At the time we covered the case, we noted it remained to be seen whether the plaintiff could prevail on the ACA claim.  Based upon a recent filing in the case, we will not know the answer, as it appears the matter has settled.

Keep checking back for more developments in this space, as we anticipate that employment litigation over transgender status will continue to proliferate.

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