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At Sandberg Phoenix, our Adoption Team consists of family law attorneys who understand the complexities of family formation, as well as the emotional toll it may take on involved parties. Whether you are looking to grow your family through adoption or assisted reproduction, let our attorneys guide you. 


Our team understands that there are many paths to parenthood through adoption. We can assist with domestic and international agency adoption, private adoption, family adoptions and foster to adopt situations. Adoption can be one of life’s most fulfilling journeys, however it is important to have skilled professionals assisting you in navigating this challenging process. Each unique adoption situation requires specialized advice on the requirements, timelines and expectations for their situation.

Assisted Reproduction

The world of family building has changed drastically in recent years with advancing reproductive medicine technologies. Many people are choosing to grow their families through medical advancements such as gestational carriers, gamete donation and embryo adoption. This process requires assistance of experienced attorneys to navigate the legal and contractual aspects of the process while also working in close conjunction with medical professionals to help create a successful pregnancy.

Adoption Team

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