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Thomas Long Granted Summary Judgment in Shevlin v. Bond County

Thomas Long was granted Motion for Summary Judgment for defendant in Shevlin v. Bond County.

Plaintiff Ron Shevlin filed suit against Bond County, Illinois, alleging the redistricting/reapportionment map passed by the County Board was invalid due to an error in the map. Plaintiff claimed the error in the map caused it to no longer comply with the statutory requirements for a reapportionment map and asked the court to invalidate the map. Plaintiff then filed a Motion for Summary Judgment and Motion for Declaration of Rights and attached an affidavit of an expert stating there were other, better reapportionment maps that could be drawn.

Tom Long argued in opposition that the original map, even with the error, sufficiently complied with the statute and was passed by valid legislative process. Further, Plaintiff failed to propose a remedy. Mr. Long on behalf of Bond County filed a Cross Motion for Summary Judgment supported by Depositions and the Affidavit of Mr. Brock Willeford, the Bond County Board Chairman.

After argument, the Court ruled in favor of Bond County, denying Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment and granting Bond County’s Cross Motion for Summary Judgment.

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