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3 Life Events You’ll Want to Discuss with an Attorney

There are some life events that warrant calling an attorney to get advice either before something happens or right after something happens.

  1. Marital issues: if you and your spouse are experiencing marital issues, it can be a good idea to speak with a divorce attorney about what the options are and what the future may look like. Talking to an attorney does not mean you are getting divorced, but it can provide you with valuable information in working through issues, or deciding to end the marriage.
  2. Children going to college: When a child turns 18, and especially if they are leaving to go out of state for college, it’s important that you have various estate documents in place to allow you to have access to medical information should that become necessary. A financial and medical power of attorney or health care directive from your child allowing you access to information can avoid problems that may arise if they need medical care, or assistance with financial obligations.
  3. Illness: If you or your spouse are diagnosed with a disease or illness that may require on-going care or end-of-life decisions, it’s essential that there are estate planning documents in place. Having both financial and medical powers of attorney as well as a health care directive can ensure that a loved one is cared for in the manner they would prefer. Having estate documents such as trusts and wills in place can also avoid unnecessary probate issues, costs, and delays.

Reacting after an event happens without having spoken with an attorney can often lead to unanticipated difficulties and potentially increased attorneys’ fees. Contacting one of the family law or estate planning attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix can assist you in planning for or handling these events.

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