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Trucking Defense Blog

We provide important legal developments, summaries and analyses impacting those involved in the trucking industry and the defense of trucking-related claims and lawsuits.

Trucking Defense Blog
January 12, 2021

Shareholder Larry Hall and Attorney Bridget Boyle Reflect on the Impact of Rule 26 Amendment on a Defense Attorney’s Ability to Defend A DOT Audit Through Discovery in a New DRI Article

Sandberg Phoenix shareholder Larry Hall and attorney Bridget Boyle recently published an article in DRI’s most recent issue of In Transit, Volume 23, “Fight the Good Fight to Prevent a DOT Audit Through Written Discovery.” Their piece reflects on the impact of Rule 26 amendment in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on defense attorneys’ ability to defend a Department of Transportation audit through discovery.

Trucking Defense Blog
September 12, 2013

Protecting Post Accident Documents

The best business practices often collide and clash with litigation. As litigators, our job is to work within the structure of our clients’ business practices, not vice versa. A trucking company confronted with an accident will want to investigate whether its driver was potentially at fault so it can take corrective measures needed to try and ensure similar future events do not occur. Most times, the investigation reveals the accident occurred through absolutely no fault of the truck driver. However, through this process, a trail of paperwork is created. Regardless of the conclusion, the materials created in the course of an investigation can create litigation headaches, as undoubtedly plaintiff’s counsel will try to gain access to them to use against your client in any way possible. Our job in defending the trucking company is to limit access and keep that information out of evidence.