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Professional Liability Blog

We explore and analyze current issues and relevant topics to help accountants, attorneys, architects and engineers, insurance agents and real estate brokers avoid a professional liability case.

Professional Liability Blog
July 28, 2022

The Modern Professional and Cyber Liability Insurance

Modern professionals today rely on a vast network of computers, servers, and/or cloud-based systems as the primary means of storing client information and conducting their businesses. While most are aware of cyber threats posing substantial risks to their businesses - and have even taken defensive measures - cyber insurance is often an afterthought.

Professional Liability Blog
July 18, 2022

Tail Insurance: What It Is And Why You Need It

Claims made coverage started being issued by insurers to professionals in the 1990’s. Before then, only occurrence triggered policies had been issued. The popularity of the coverage was partly because claims made coverage was considerably cheaper than occurrence coverage. Why?Simply because the claims-made and reported coverage provided less coverage for the professional. 

Professional Liability Blog
May 10, 2022

Professional Liability Checklist: Experts and Consultants

There are many things to consider when retaining an expert and consultant in connection with a professional liability insurance claim. This post is geared toward younger attorneys who are tasked with tackling these issues for supervisors in their firms and their own clients.  This non-exhaustive checklist is a great place to start and should be augmented as you continue practicing.