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Navigating the Holidays as Divorced or Separated Parents

Holidays can be a challenging time for all, but especially for separated or divorced parents.  Planning in advance is imperative. Looking two or three months out to determine whether both parents are in agreement, and getting any agreement in writing, allows time to identify and address issues.

While past traditions can be a starting point, there will likely be some changes for all in the future. Think about what new schedules and traditions may look like. Talk to the other parent to see if you two can agree together or what new holiday schedules will be. In the event you can’t come to an agreement, talk to your attorney.

Putting hard feelings against your ex or soon-to-be ex in the background and keeping the idea of children spending time with both parents for holidays in focus, can allow for a compromise and a schedule that works for everyone. It may not be exactly what you want, it may not be exactly what the other parent wants, but allowing children the ability to celebrate with their parents, is what the holidays are all about.

For these or other family law issues, please contact one of the attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix. 

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