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We offer updates on national on regional issues such as malpractice defense, regulatory compliance, labor and employment issues and estate planning.

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
December 21, 2015

Hospitals Beware - Inpatient Kyphoplasty Procedures Remain a False Claims Act Target

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat certain spinal fractures often due to osteoporosis. Since the filing of a qui tam action, more than 130 hospitals have entered settlements with the Department of Justice (DOJ) totaling approximately $105 million to resolve allegations that they mischarged Medicare for kyphoplasty procedures.

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
June 25, 2015

ALERT - Clinical Labs under Scrutiny by OIG

As health care costs rise and providers are faced with challenges to meet the needs and demands of consumers; Medicare looks for questionable payments made to providers to ensure federal dollars for healthcare are spent for medically necessary services as it seeks to reduce fraud and abuse in the provision of health care. One such area is Clinical labs. As discussed below, these labs require prompt attention due to the significant increased scrutiny of their operations.

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
October 13, 2014

Extendicare Enters $38 Million Settlement for False Claims Act Allegations

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a settlement for claims of substandard nursing care and medically unnecessary rehabilitation therapy wherein Extendicare will pay $38 million to settle False Claims Act allegations. Rehabilitation services have been a frequent target for DOJ investigation and settlement of alleged overpayments. Once again, DOJ brings closure to an investigation of an initiative from the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT). In addition to HEAT, this settlement arose from an investigation related to the Justice Department’s Elder Justice initiative, which coordinates the Office of Inspector General (OIG) efforts to combat elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.