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Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog

We offer updates on national on regional issues such as malpractice defense, regulatory compliance, labor and employment issues and estate planning.

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
January 18, 2023

Long-term Care & Senior Living Podcast

Recently shareholder Steve Strum sat down with some Plaintiffs’ attorneys from the Simon Law Firm to discuss his extensive experience defending senior living facilities over the course of his 30+ year legal career. 

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
August 17, 2016

Illinois Wrongful Death Statute Extended in Violent Crime Circumstances

Effective January 1, 2017, Illinois will enact Molly’s Law, which extends the time period in which a victim’s family can file a wrongful death lawsuit in situations where the victim dies as the result of an act that was intentional and violent in nature. This law was introduced by State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) in February 2016. The law amends the current Wrongful Death statute of limitations from two years to five years for scenarios where the death is the result of violent intentional conduct or within one year after the final disposition of the criminal case if the defendant is charged with first degree murder,

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
August 9, 2016

HIPAA Update - Advocate Health Care, a Single entity, settles HIPAA Penalties for $5.55 Million

Advocate Health Care Network, the largest fully-integrated health care system in Illinois, agreed to the largest HIPAA Settlement to be paid by a single entity for potential penalties in the amount of $5.55M. The alleged long term non-compliance resulting in this settlement included four failures to comply with HIPAA including: failure to adequately conduct risk assessments, failure to limit physical access to ePHI, failure to obtain Business Associate Agreements, andfailure to safeguard an unencrypted laptop from an unlocked car overnight.

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
March 31, 2016

March Missouri Legislative Update

Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard’s Long Term Care Team is tracking certain bills passing through the Missouri legislature. One of those bills that could greatly impact our clients is HB 2107 outlined below.

Long Term Care & Senior Living Blog
November 17, 2013

The Power of Metadata

In an era where long-term care facilities are increasingly implementing the use of electronic medical records, facilities need to be aware of the issues that might come into play during litigation.