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The US Trademark Office Now Issuing Trademark Registrations in Digital Form

Starting May 24, 2022, the US Trademark Office started issuing US Trademark Registrations in digital, rather than paper form under electronic signature of the Director and with a digital seal, which serves to authenticate the registration.  The digital certificate will thus have full legal effect.  Issuing registration certificates digitally means that the registration will be available quickly, as applicants will not need to wait for the USPTO to print and mail the registration certificates.

The Trademark Office has provided two ways in which applicants can obtain a paper copy of their registrations.  A Certified Copy of the granted registration can be ordered.  The USPTO fee for a Certified Copy is $15.00.  Alternatively, applicants can request that the Trademark Office print a “Presentation Copy” of the registration.  A Presentation Copy is a one-page condensed copy of the issued registration printed on heavy paper which is suitable for framing.  A Presentation Copy will not have any legal effect.    For trademark applications filed before May 24, 2022, the presentation copy will be available free of charge from the Trademark Office.  For applications filed on or after May 24, 2022, there will be a $25.00 Trademark Office fee for printing of the Presentation Copy.

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