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I’m Ready to Move On; How Quickly Can I Get Divorced?

Clients frequently ask about the duration of a dissolution of marriage case and when they can expect their divorce to be completed. Although these seem like straightforward questions, there are numerous factors and specific circumstances in each case that can affect its duration. In Missouri, thirty days must elapse from the filing of a petition for dissolution of marriage before a court can enter a divorce judgment. In other words, the earliest one can get a divorce in Missouri is thirty days from the initial filing.

If you and your spouse agree on critical issues or are willing to negotiate terms such as division of property and debts, and child custody and support, the length of a divorce can be significantly reduced. Alternatively, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement, or unwilling to budge on the issues, it may take several months or longer to complete. The duration of a divorce is also dependent on the availability of the parties, lawyers, and the court.

Divorce can be an unsettling chapter. Keep in mind, however, that a “quick” divorce is not always in your best interest. Take time to think through decisions that can have a long-term effect.

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