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Write It and Delete It

When in the middle of any family court matter, it is tempting to email, text, or instant message the other parent.

This is often a better idea than reality. Writing in text or instant message in short bursts can lead to miscommunication, and, even worse, may lead to the judge reading something you would prefer they do not. Emotional outlets for frustration or anger should include a therapist, a best friend, or even your attorney. Talking through issues and understanding how and why the process is moving the way it is, is something your attorney should be able to explain to you. Writing things down may be a productive way to process through emotions, but sending something that is written in haste or anger is never a good idea. Write it out, delete it, and move forward. Don’t make your case more difficult by having an emotional moment that can be used against you.

For these or other family law questions, please reach out to one of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix.

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