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What Will the Outcome of My Divorce Be?

People who are going through a divorce always want to know the outcome when they start the process, but it's almost never quite that easy. If there are few assets and no children, it is an easier answer, but when there is a marriage of some years, when there are children, when there are business or property or accumulated assets that have been acquired during the marriage, the are many possible outcomes.

Often people want to know if they should keep the house, or if they should go back to work. Keeping the house may depend on the final division of assets and the amount of support that may be paid or received. It may depend on the ages of the children or whether both parties want (or don’t want) to keep it. Going back to work may include questions about childcare costs, as well as a discussion of a child care provider. It may also depend on the ages of the children, any special needs or challenges for any children, and the ability of someone to get a job quickly, or get additional education or training.

So while it's understandable to want to know the answers to how a divorce will end, it's often not possible to tell someone with certainty what that outcome will be at the very start of the process. An experienced attorney can guide you through the questions to ask, the information to gather, and help you understand the possible outcomes, so you can then make informed decisions about your post-divorce life. 

For divorce or other family law matters, please contact one of our experienced attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix. 

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