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What is the “Normal” Parenting Plan?

In every custody case in Missouri, the court is required to enter a parenting plan which sets out the custody schedule for each parent.  Weekday, weekend, holiday and vacation times are some of the specifics addressed in this plan. One common misconception is that there is a “standard” or “normal” custody schedule. While there are frequently used weekday/weekend schedules, there is no default custody schedule. 

The parenting plan should be drafted to reflect that family’s priorities and individual needs. For example, if one parent’s work schedule is non-traditional, the parenting plan should reflect that fact. If the family celebrates special days not included on the court’s holiday list, those days can be added and allocated by the schedule.

It is important to work with your attorney to develop a plan best suited to your family’s individual needs. Contact the team at Sandberg Phoenix if you have questions. 

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