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What is a Parent Coordinator?

In high conflict custody cases, the judge or Guardian ad Litem may recommend the use of a Parent Coordinator (“PC”) to assist the parties after the entry of the final Judgment. The PC is an attorney or therapist who will help the parties resolve disputes and, in the event the parties cannot agree, the PC is given the authority to make the final decision..  This can be helpful to deal quickly and efficiently with ongoing disputes regarding legal custody decisions, or physical custody schedules, to reduce attorney’s fees, and to avoid further litigation. 

When a PC is appointed, the court typically enters an order specifying the issues which may be addressed through the PC. The parties can work through their attorneys to determine those issues so everyone knows what the PC is authorized to do.   While the PC typically cannot change the custody schedule, they can  help with working out disagreements related to  holiday and summer schedules, for example. The PC can also assist with legal custody issues if the parents cannot agree on therapy or the activities in which the children will participate. 

A court cannot order the appointment of a PC without the agreement of the parties, but it is an option that may be helpful to consider, to allow some flexibility for parents rather than going to court on a on-going basis.

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