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What Does Co-Parenting Mean?

For people who are awarded joint legal and physical custody of their children, they often have an idea of what co-parenting means, and sometimes it is an ideal that they have in their minds of shared birthday celebrations, holiday celebrations, even, for some, shared vacations. But co-parenting means as many different things as there are families. So choosing what is right for you and your family is a big step toward a post-divorce life. 

Co-parenting can mean being cordial to one another, such as saying hello to the other parent at an event, and then sitting with friends. Co-parenting can mean talking or texting each day, or communicating through a portal or email. Co-parenting may mean that you continue to do some activities or events together, but it doesn’t have to mean that. It’s also important to keep in mind, that just as other relationships evolve post-divorce, so does your relationship with the other parent. So what is put in place right after a divorce is final, does not mean that that dynamic will continue forever.

The essence of co-parenting is communicating with the other parent for the benefit of the children; so that children know they cannot manipulate one parent against another because of their animosity toward one another. Having children know that their parents will advise each other of important issues or events, is a way to ensure the safety of our children. Because regardless of our feelings toward the other person, they are the reason we have our children in our lives, and keeping that child in the forefront of your mind can help you parent, and co-parent as best you can.

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