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Three Things to do Before Communicating With the Other Parent

During or after the end of a relationship, having to communicate with your ex can be difficult, but when there are children involved, it’s a necessity. Here are a few hints to help you in your communication with the other parent:

Are you calm enough to respond in the medium requested? 

Sometimes a conversation in person or over the phone is too stressful to respond in a thoughtful manner, so you may to suggest a different way to have a discussion. Saying “I’m not in a place to talk about this right now, but will email you with my thoughts” or “I am feeling a little overwhelmed by texting, so I will email you a bit later” is a way to deescalate potential conflict, and allow for a more productive conversation.

Take a break. 

Texts or calls can have a feeling of immediacy that may not be needed for the issue at hand. If you need to take some time to collect your thoughts, and there is not an emergency, do so. Thinking about a response for several hours or a day may be a better way for you to decide what you want to say, and formulate how to say it in a more cordial tone.

If you don’t know how to respond, or if you have any questions about your response, reach out to your attorney.

As family law attorneys, we handle many different parenting issues with our clients on a daily basis. Reaching out to ask for advice about what may be the best approach on a topic, is often a good start when you are feeling stuck or worried about your communication with the other parent.

For these or other family law questions, please contact one of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix.

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