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Should I Get a Separate Email Address for My Divorce or Family Law Matter?

In many divorce and family law matters, communication between a client and an attorney is often via email. Using a current email to communicate with your attorney may cause issues, in case others have access to that account, and changing passwords may not be enough if you are logged into prior emails over different devices.

It’s a better practice to get a personal email that is not tied to anyone else: your work, your family, or your friends. Additionally, having an email that is not associated with any current platforms where you have other emails like yahoo or gmail, is a further step to keeping your communication with your attorney between you two. Further, clients often find that having an email that is solely for the purpose of communicating with their attorney also makes it easier to keep track of those emails. 

For these or other family law issues, please contact one of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix.

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