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Does the Gender of Your Divorce Attorney Matter?

As a female attorney, I am often asked if I just represent women. The answer is: no. In fact, it’s common for me to have an equal division of men and women as clients at any given time. I am also asked if men should have a female attorney representing them. That answer is also: no. The choice of an attorney should not be based on anyone’s gender, it should be based on the attorney’s experience and your connection with them.

Going through a divorce or any family law matter can be very emotional. So having an attorney who is experienced enough to give you advice about what you can expect during the proceedings is important. Given that family law matters are also very personal, having an attorney you feel comfortable with to tell them your concerns, and provide them with truthful answers about what can be uncomfortable topics, is equally as important.

None of the issues, experience or connection, have anything to do with gender, either of the client or the attorney. Interviewing attorneys, and finding the person you feel is in the best position to represent your interests, should not be based on their gender or yours, it should be based on how you feel about having them counsel you through a difficult time.

If you have any questions about a family law matter, please reach out to one of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix.

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