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Dating Before the Divorce Decree: What’s the Harm?

While going through a divorce, it may be tempting to enter into a relationship with someone new. Although this may seem harmless, entering into a serious relationship and having that person around your children may negatively impact the divorce proceeding. . Children may have a difficult time understanding or coming to terms with divorce, and introducing a new partner into your child’s life while the divorce is pending can create additional confusion and tension for them.

Additionally, dating before a divorce is finalized can create issues with your new partner.  You risk involving that person in the litigation, including the possibility of having them deposed about the relationship.  A new relationship can also stir up conflict between you and your current spouse. So rather than entering into a new relationship before your divorce is finalized, you may instead want to spend  this transitional period focusing on yourself and your children as you each heal and move forward.

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