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3 Custody Questions to Discuss at a Consultation With a Divorce Attorney

Meeting with a divorce attorney to discuss custody issues can be difficult and emotional. Having a list of questions about custody may help you get the information you are seeking in a more accessible manner. Below are 4 custody issues you may want to discuss at an initial consultation with a divorce attorney:

  1. If one of us has always stayed at home, will that person get more custody of the children?

Judges in Missouri have to look at many factors in determining where children will live during the school year and summer, known as “physical custody”. The ages of the children, any special needs of the children, work hours and travel for work, may have impacted the decision to have one parent stay at home. These are all issues that a judge may consider in awarding custody, and should be included in any discussion with your divorce attorney.

  1. My spouse is having an affair- will the judge take that into account in awarding physical custody?

The act of infidelity in itself may not be determinative in making custody decisions; however, if that affair led to a person missing significant events in a child’s life, or if the other person has a criminal history, history of drug use, or other behaviors that might put children in danger, a judge would want to be made aware of that, since those could impact how and how often children should be with that parent.

  1. There has been emotional and verbal abuse in front of the children- is that something the judge will want to hear about?

Any behaviors that risk a child’s physical, emotional, or psychological well-being are issues a court would take into account in making a custody decision. Examples of those  behaviors, and the best way to gather that information to provide evidence of those issues, is something to discuss with an attorney.

For these or other family law issues, please contact one of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix.

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