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Construction Blog
April 19, 2018

Reminder to our Illinois Contractors and Sub-Contractors who hire sub-sub-contractors

Any Illinois contractor or sub-contractor who has construction services performed for it by an individual, sole proprietorship or partnership that is not an employee of the contractor or sub-contractor must file a report by April 30, 2018 with the Illinois Department of Labor. The report must include the following Information: Contractor’s (or sub-contractor’s) name, address, business identification number; the name, address and business identification number of each entity or non-employee person providing services, along with total amount paid for services and materials and equipment during the taxable year.

Construction Blog
May 12, 2017

Sub left holding empty bag: No lien, no bond claim, big problem

Subcontractors are accustomed to believing their payments are secured by either a mechanic’s lien or a payment bond, sometimes both. For example, when the public utility, AmerenUE, convinced the Missouri Court of Appeals that due to its quasi-governmental status, it should be immune from mechanic’s liens, the court went on to say that AmerenUE would be required to have its prime contractors post payment bonds for the protection of subcontractors.

Construction Blog
August 4, 2016

For Contractors, OSHA is at it again!

The anti-business Occupational Safety and Health Administration continues its onslaught of burdensome regulations on American business. The “stick it to the company” philosophy is no more evident than with its new increased penalties.