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Bad Faith Blog

We cover current issues, highlights and best practices exclusively on claims of bad faith and extra contractual damages.

Bad Faith Blog
February 27, 2019

Florida Supreme Court Holds Insurance Carrier Liable for Bad Faith and Excess Judgment Claims Handling Conduct Occurring After Policy Limits were Tendered

The Florida Supreme Court, in reversing an appellate court and disagreeing with federal precedent, held that a carrier could be liable for an excess judgment against the insured due to its bad faith conduct in handling a claim after it offered to tender its policy limits.

Bad Faith Blog
May 21, 2017

Alaska Insurers Face Potential New Claims Handling Tort

Summary: A driver lost control of his truck and crashed into a cabin causing property damage, including a heating fuel spill, and personal injuries to the cabin’s owner. The cabin’s owner brought suit against the driver and his insurer alleging in part that the insurer took charge of and negligently handled the fuel spill cleanup. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the insurer finding it owed no duty to the cabin’s owner. On appeal, the Alaska Supreme Court found a duty by the insurer was not precluded, and summary judgment was not appropriate.