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Receivable Recovery Team

The Sandberg Phoenix Receivable Recovery Program is more than a law firm model. 

Our process is more of a partnership than a procedure and we treat it as such.  Based on years of experience pursuing recovery of accounts receivable, we work with our clients to design a custom system for their individualized business needs.  What works for one client may not work for another. An integrated receivable recovery program should include multiple services providers with different core competencies.  The landscape of receivable recovery and collections is complex and can be difficult to effectively navigate -let our receivable recovery team help you.   


Before we receive a file, we meet with our clients to better understand the specifics of their receivables.  We consult with our clients on what receivables are better handled by a contingency fee agency and which are more economically pursued by attorneys.  We evaluate our client’s internal procedures for debt collection and provide suggested parameters to make your receivable recovery more efficient.  Then we help our clients effectively utilize and reexamine their parameters to create an individualized receivable recovery plan that maximizes net recovery.


In business, information is king.  We provide information to our clients before taking action that helps our clients make prudent decisions about what accounts to pursue and not pursue.  At our client’s direction, we run asset searches at the onset to make sure there are assests sufficient to justify our clients investment with us.  Most importantly, we advise our clients which accounts are likely uncollectible before they incur any legal fees with us.


Our receivable recovery team pursues collection through every available means. All means and methods are utilized to maximize your net recovery, and recovery statistics are maintained by our team so that we can reevaluate collection parameters with our clients on a quarterly basis.  Lien attachment, garnishment, debtor’s examination, bank sweep, real property and asset foreclosures are all valuable tools utilized by our team to get you paid.


The true measure of a receivable recovery team is net recovery.  We are committed to maximizing your net recovery by utilizing software, artificial intelligence, and legal process management to lower your costs and increase your net recovery.  We expend a significant amount of time and resources to save you money, and in the end, our clients notice the difference.    


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Receivable Recovery Team Team

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