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Diane Robben Hosts HIPAA for Technical Professionals June 23

With the ever changing mobility of health care and workflow, today’s IT professionals need to re-tool their HIPAA Security program to stay ahead. Do you know where your organization’s Protected Health Information (PHI) lives, travels, sleeps and hangs out? Confidential medical information no longer sits on the shelves of many organizations, but is accessed, transmitted, stored in many locations outside your walls, significantly increasing the chances of a breach. This HIPAA Workshop is designed to aid the IT Security professional to stay a few steps ahead and minimize the risk of improper disclosure or access of this information, which can lead to significant fines and penalties.

Some practical tips and advice you – or your IT professional – will learn include:

  • Designing a practical HIPAA-compliant technology architecture
  • Ways to reduce the complexity of the technology stack (i.e. simplicity equates to greater security and reliability.
  • Alternative computing – thin clients, cloud hosting, virtualization
  • Managing user accounts and passwords
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Responsibilities of the Information Security Officer
  • How to report a breach when it occurs

IT professionals can optimize the technology architecture of their healthcare organization to significantly reduce the risks of a HIPAA breach, which can be costly to the organization. By utilizing modern configurations, you can better account for and control the flow of confidential information. At this Workshop, learn from IT professionals who assist healthcare providers and organizations on a daily basis with reorganizing the complexity of their technology to move towards thin clients, cloud hosting of information, or virtualization of your electronic medical record.

As the IT professional of a healthcare organization, establishing controls and systems behind the scene is not only required by the Omnibus Act, but reduces the risks of a costly breach. However, the human element of your workforce also must be addressed. During this HIPAA Workshop, learn practical solutions for managing user accounts and passwords, and how to assist your workforce to understand their role in IT Security.

In the event of a disaster such as a power outage, earthquake, fire or tornado, is your organization prepared to resume business as soon as possible? Would your patient’s confidential information be lost forever? The HITECH Omnibus Rules require healthcare organizations to develop Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plans to be prepared for such an event and ensure you can safeguard your patient’s confidential information. At this Workshop, we will help to explain the components of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) as required by the HITECH Act, and help you to be prepared in the event of disruption of services at your organization.

Are you prepared for the phone call from a patient reporting their confidential information has been improperly disclosed by one of your employees? What do you do when one of your healthcare providers calls you late at night to report that their laptop and briefcase were stolen out of their car? The HITECH Act has significantly increased penalties for violations of the HIPAA rules, and an ounce of prevention is reduce a pound of penalties in the end. This HIPAA Workshop will help you understand the IT Professional’s role in conducting a HIPAA breach risk assessment, and implementing corrective actions and remediation to mitigate the potential harm to your patients, and also tighten the security within your organization. The Office of Civil Rights is investigates HIPAA complaints filed by patients and also reports of HIPAA breaches. Being prepared to quickly and competently respond in the event of a breach will help to reduce the potential penalties that may be imposed by the OCR on your organization.

Who is Presenting:

Sandberg Phoenix Shareholder Diane Robben has nearly 20 years of experience leading the firm’s transactional and regulatory health care practice, devoting a significant amount of time advising hospitals, physicians, nursing homes and other healthcare providers on a variety of issues to find practical solutions to complicated legal problems.

Event Details:

June 23, 2016
9:00am - 12:00pm


4835 Highway 109
Eureka, MO 63025

HIPAA Workshops are unique, practical, hands-on learning opportunities. Each workshop is facilitated by experts in their fields who are ready to share their knowledge and answer your specific questions. Participants will also learn from each other as they share learning experiences and successful practices. Seating is limited – register today!

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