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Electronic Monitoring Devices Now Permitted in Illinois LTC Facilities

Illinois is now one of four states to allow the installation of electronic monitoring devices in residents’ rooms in long-term care facilities. The bill was proposed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan, approved by the Illinois General Assembly, and signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner. The bill takes effect on January 1, 2016.[1]

The resident must notify the facility in writing that he/she intends to use an electronic monitoring device. All expenses related to the purchase, installation, and removal of the device are the resident’s responsibility. If the resident or his/her family wants to use a device that requires Internet connection, the resident must contract with an Internet service provider. The facility must make reasonable efforts to accommodate the electronic monitoring device, which includes allowing access to the facility’s telecommunications system.

In order for an electronic monitoring device to be placed in a resident’s room, either the resident or his guardian must consent in writing and on a form issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health. If the resident does not have a guardian, certain persons may consent on the resident’s behalf under certain circumstances. These requirements also apply to the resident’s roommate. We are here to help with these issues and ensure your facility is complying with all requirements of this law.

By Leslie Warren[dt_divider/]


[1] 210 ILCS 32/10.

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