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Peculiar Patents and Potato Mashing

While turkey is arguably the center of attention at dinner, Thanksgiving side dishes are just as important. When your guests take a bite of these creamy mashed potatoes or melt-in-your-mouth dinner rolls, they’ll forget all about who burned the bird or who is losing in football.

Next to stuffing, mashed potatoes are probably the most popular side dish on Thanksgiving. However, anyone who has ever made mashed potatoes knows that it’s a lot of work, particularly when you’re cooking for a crowd.

Luckily, there is a patented invention to solve this issue! With U.S. 7,172,335B1 there no need to worry about manually mashing potatoes anymore. This automatic mashed potato patent system even included “a seasoning unit” so that every batch would be seasoned to perfection. In fact, this was the ultimate all-in-one system as the user simply needed to add potatoes and water. The machine cooked the potatoes and had an automated drain to release the water. The seasoning unit then went to work, and then the “mashing apparatus” would mash the cooked potatoes to the perfect consistency.

The only thing this machine didn’t do was peel the potatoes.

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