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Copyright Conundrum: Pokémon with Guns

A game called Palworld is taking the world by storm and Nintendo finally broke its silence after Palworld’s launch raised controversy among the Pokémon community. Many fans have accused the latter of stealing designs from the popular Pokémon franchise and have called “Pokémon with Guns.” This narrative only fueled the game’s popularity even further, and many wonder when Nintendo will take action against Pocketpair. The gaming giant has finally released a statement about the current issue, and it is going to pursue legal action against anyone who infringes on their intellectual property.

Palworld has grown a massive following in less than two weeks and quickly became one of Steam’s most-played games. With over eight million copies sold, the game has cemented itself as another indie hit. Its “Pokémon with Guns” status has helped attract more players. However, its reputation for having similarities with the famous franchise has invited controversy. Many noted that several Pals look overly similar to several Pokémon, such as Jetragon to Latios and Anubis to Lucario. Some social media users have posted scale and design comparisons between these entities to prove their point further. Despite these issues, Palworld continues to garner support from the gaming community for its ingenuity in gameplay and concept.

Palworld’s similarities with Pokemon have caused massive online discourse, especially in the copyright infringement area. While there may be some similarities to the beloved Pokémon franchise, should a lawsuit occur Pocketpair will likely have the fair use defense on their side here in the United States.

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