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My New Year’s Resolution is to Get Divorced - Now What?

When considering divorce, or after you have decided you want to get divorced, a good first step is to meet with an attorney. This first meeting is usually an information-gathering meeting, both for you and your attorney.  

You may want to ask an attorney:

  • Questions about possible custody options- both legal and physical
  • How to divide property
  • How to pay bills while the divorce is pending
  • Where you will live during and after the divorce
  • Payment of support

You may also have questions about property you had before the marriage, and enforcement of a prenuptial agreement. And of course, there can be discussions about how long the process takes and how much it will cost. 

Your attorney will have questions for you about:

  • Conduct during the marriage
  • If there are concerns about safety for you or the children
  • If there are any mental health or addiction issues to be aware of
  • If any children have any special needs
  • What general property and accounts you have
  • Expectations you may have during and after the process

Meeting with an attorney when you have decided to get divorced is a big step, but it's also an important guide to help you through what can be an emotional process. 

Please feel free to reach out to one of our family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix to schedule a meeting. 

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