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Have Questions About Divorce: Ask a Lawyer, Not a Search Engine

It is very tempting to type in a question about a divorce or other family law matter into a search engine… but beware the answer you may receive. Search engines are not lawyers, they do not have experience in front of judges in your county, and they don’t provide advice specific to your family.

When asked a general question about family law, many attorneys preference their response with “every family is different”; and the reason is simple: every family IS different. Every family has different finances, different ways of raising children, different beliefs about what is important to them. While there are Missouri statutes and cases that address family law issues and give attorneys guidance, the application of those rules in family law matters is greatly dependent on the circumstances of each family.

So, beware the inclination to not just search for an answer online, but even more so to act on it, without consulting an experienced attorney. Please reach out to any of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix for guidance about your family law matter

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