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Do I Need an Attorney to Get Divorced?

For a short marriage with no children and few assets, you may not need an attorney to get divorced. When you both agree to an outcome in the divorce and there are no issues of custody, maintenance (alimony), or division of assets, courts in Missouri provide forms online for a “do it yourself” divorce. These forms, often known as “pro se” forms (meaning that each party is representing themselves and there are no attorneys), can be filled out by each party and filed with the court without the assistance of an attorney.

In cases where children and custody issues are in dispute, where the division of assets may not be agreed-to or may be complicated in terms of division of accounts, or there are any issues of marital misconduct or mental health or addiction issues, it is important to talk to an attorney. Meeting with an attorney for an initial consultation can provide useful information about the legal process and options for these issues. Knowing what the courts will consider, and understanding what evidence is required to prove your case, can assist you in making thoughtful decisions which can significantly impact your future.

Please feel free to contact one of the family law attorneys at Sandberg Phoenix to schedule a consultation.

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