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EMPLOYER ALERT: White House Announces Intent to Nominate Karla Gilbride as EEOC General Counsel

According to Bloomberg Law, the White House announced its intent to nominate Karla Gilbride as the new General Counsel for the EEOC.

Gilbride currently works as Co-Director for the Access to Justice Project.  According to her biography, “[h]er work focuses on dismantling structural barriers that make it more difficult for people harmed by corporate or governmental abuse to use the civil courts to seek redress and change those harmful practice.”  Her career has largely involved representation of employees.

If nominated and approved, employers should expect a more employee-friendly General Counsel at the EEOC.  Employers should not wait to work with counsel to ensure their policies and procedures are up to date and sound from a compliance perspective.

However, given her background, it is fair to expect some opposition in the Senate to her nomination.  Check back for more updates as the nomination and approval process unfolds.

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