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FDA Remains Noncommittal on E-cigarette Flavor Ban as Several States Move Forward with Their Own Bans

Two months after the White House announced its intent to clear the market of e-cigarette flavors other than tobacco, administration officials remain noncommittal on when and even whether the ban will happen. Last week, Mitch Zeller from the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products told Senate Health Committee members the agency was working on an e-cigarette policy but did not provide information on when the policy might be released, what the policy will be, or what flavors might be removed from the market. Several observers have commented the administration might be concerned with implementing a ban because of a ban’s impact on the economy in terms of thousands of lost jobs. Observers also mentioned the possibility the administration is worried a ban will have a detrimental effect on adults who are using e-cigarettes in order to quit smoking. President Trump appears to be working toward a compromise based on his announcement that he planned to meet with vaping industry representatives, state representatives, and medical professionals to “come up with an acceptable solution to the vaping and e-cigarette dilemma” that protects those with jobs in the industry. In the meantime, states such as Massachusetts, Colorado, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island and Washington are moving forward with bans on menthol and other e-cigarette flavors.

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