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The High Price of Not Posting EEOC Notices Just Got Higher

Cox, CBy Courtney Cox

The EEOC recently announced an increase in the penalty for employers who fail to conspicuously post the equal employment opportunity (EEO) notices of rights of employees and job applicants. The penalty per violation has almost doubled as of April 18, 2014, from $110 to $210.

Under Title VII, the ADA and GINA every employer, employment agency, labor organization, and joint labor-management committee controlling an apprenticeship or other training program covered by the EEO requirements must post notices. These notices must describe the right to be free of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In addition, the notices must be conspicuously posted in a prominent and accessible place where notices to employees, applicants, and union members are customarily maintained.

Employers with multiple business locations must post the required notice in each location.

The EEOC offers a consolidated poster meeting the requirements of most of the federal equal employment opportunity laws. Posters can be printed or ordered at

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