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Construction Blog
December 17, 2019

Beware the Neighbor

In Ryan v. City of Chicago, 2019 IL APP (1st) 181777, a home builder mistakenly constructed a home within the two-foot setback adopted in the City of Chicago. Even though the new homeowners applied for and obtained a 2.5 inch setback variance from the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals for the setback encroachment, the adjoining property owner filed a lawsuit against the City seeking an order to require the home to be moved out of the setback.

Construction Blog
June 5, 2019

Legislative Reprieve for Illinois Contractors

HB2838, which would have made primary contractors jointly liable for the wages & benefits of their subcontractor’s employees, even if the primary contractor had paid the subcontractor in full, has been held from consideration in the Illinois State Senate in the final days of spring session. Senate Bill Sponsor, Laura Fine (D-Glenview) sent word on May 30th to all stakeholders of HB2838 that an amendment would be filed that would remove some of the controversial issues supported by the Carpenters Unions and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO),

Construction Blog
August 21, 2018

New Protections for Interior Design Professionals

Under new legislation, interior designers are now protected under the Illinois Mechanic’s Lien Act. Contractors and owners in Illinois should now include interior design professionals in their list of sub-contractors from whom they should require a release of mechanic’s lien upon payment.

Construction Blog
April 19, 2018

Reminder to our Illinois Contractors and Sub-Contractors who hire sub-sub-contractors

Any Illinois contractor or sub-contractor who has construction services performed for it by an individual, sole proprietorship or partnership that is not an employee of the contractor or sub-contractor must file a report by April 30, 2018 with the Illinois Department of Labor. The report must include the following Information: Contractor’s (or sub-contractor’s) name, address, business identification number; the name, address and business identification number of each entity or non-employee person providing services, along with total amount paid for services and materials and equipment during the taxable year.