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Class Action Alert:  The Onslaught of ADA Public Accommodations Compliance Class Actions Continues——Gift Cards

Places of public accommodations have already witnessed a barrage of litigation from aggressive plaintiff’s attorneys representing visual impaired plaintiff classes. We have seen class action claims against banks related to ATM machines and numerous industries have been subject to websites “compliance” class actions; and just recently claims attacking “no outside food policies”. Now, these same law firms are have filed nearly 100 lawsuits on behalf of vision-impaired individuals claiming that the public accommodations provisions of the ADA require retailers and restaurants that offer gift cards to offer those cards in Braille.  Whether these new claims have any legal merit will be determined. But more and more retailers are being hauled into court to find out. So, all retailers beware, there are aggressive plaintiff attorneys lurking in the waters with new and creative class action ADA claims.

For more information, about public accommodation ADA compliance and defending ADA Title III class action claims, please contact Timm Schowalter at, (314) 425-4910 or another member of Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard, P.C.’s Labor and Employment Law Team or Class Action Team.

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