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Tobacco and Nicotine Alternatives



The Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) industry has earned a reputation for innovation and for providing millions of users with alternatives to products containing tobacco and nicotine. These innovative products have helped people around the world quit using combustible tobacco products and avoid the health risks often associated with their use.

As with nearly every industry, however, the ENDS industry is vulnerable to product liability litigation. Consider these facts:

  • More than 100 product liability lawsuits were filed for e-cigarette explosions in 2017.
  • 10% of all injury cases are associated with defective products.
  • The average verdict against companies in product liability cases is $4.8 million

ENDS manufacturers must also consider a future that features an increasing number of product liability suits, class action litigation, and other potentially disastrous legal issues.

Compounding the threats faced by the ENDS industry is few experienced lawyers understand the industry and even fewer have focused on the legal issues the industry faces. Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard’s Tobacco and Nicotine Alternatives attorneys are the exception.

Led by Shareholder Andy Ryan, the firm’s Tobacco and Nicotine Alternatives group has developed a reputation for successful representation of manufacturers of:

  • Tobacco and Nicotine Alternatives
  • Consumer Products
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices

A key element of the representation Andy and his team provides manufacturers – especially those in new, developing industries – is their belief in taking preventive steps well before a client is sued. Andy focuses on properly positioning clients before litigation is on the horizon so those clients are prepared if they are sued. This focus will in many cases prevent litigation or lead to lower settlements. Additionally, this approach may reduce the legal expenditures clients will face and decrease the toll litigation takes on clients.

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