Neither Constitutional Nor Aqua Dots Objections Derail MDL Class Action Settlements – 10th Circuit Rules

Summary: The 10th Circuit  addressed appeals by multiple objectors to multiple class action settlements in a Kansas based MDL which is of importance during the hot summer months. The 10th Circuit ruled, its ruling was published, and then that ruling was withdrawn in response to the petition for panel rehearing while the petition for rehearing…

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Class Action Blog

As our society becomes increasingly litigious, and as plaintiff attorneys market their services more aggressively, class action litigation is posing a rapidly growing threat to businesses in all industry sectors. Our firm has successfully defended businesses of all types and sizes, as well as individuals, in class action cases brought in state and federal courts….

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Class Rep’s Inadequacy Kills Class Action, Not Defendant’s “Pick Off” Attempt

Summary: The 7th Circuit affirmed the district court’s finding that a proposed class representative was inadequate, justifying the class certification denial. However, the 7th Circuit reversed the ruling that the Rule 67 payment into the Court’s treasury of more than what Plaintiff was entitled to recover mooted the case thus justifying its dismissal. The court…

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